• 2024 Moonstruation Calendar

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The Moonstruation Calendar is a daily embodiment practice, reconnecting you with the innate rhythms of your own cyclical nature.

Welcome Home, Beautiful

Home in Yourself.

"I fell in love with the Moonstruation Calendar the instant I received it. It is so simple, yet feels and looks so elegant. It makes tracking my cycle a pleasure, and makes me feel like a Goddess. I used to hide everything that comes with the female cycle, now I don't want to hide anything!"

Samia, Germany

"It's absolutely stunning. A beautiful gift I bought myself to track my cycle and help adjust the expectations I put on myself based on where I am in my cycle. I know that my bleed always begins around the new moon, and it's a personal little wink from the Universe that I'm part of something bigger"

Jemina, Australia

What you can receive...

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by Sally Jane Douglas

The Moonstruation Calendar

Who is this Calendar for?

The Moonstraution Calendar is for everyone living in a female body, at every stage of their life — whether you are pre-menstruation, menstruating, pregnant or breast feeding, peri-menopausal, or menopausal.

Everyone in a female body cycle along side the moon and benefit greatly from connecting with the shifting energy phases throughout each month.

What does it help me with?

Tracking your cycle is an essential practice for every female.

It not only provides you with awareness of your menstrual cycle it also enables you to track your ovulation for fertility awareness - whether you are trying to conceive, or wanting to avoid pregnancy, naturally.

The Calendar also teaches you about the female bodies hormone processes, energy levels, work productivity, libido cycles - and so much more.

Cycle tracking supports you to understand the changes your body experiences throughout your menstrual cycle, enabling you to honour them to support you to feel your best each and every day.

How do I use the Calendar?

To get the most out of your Calendar, hang from your bedroom or bathroom door using a clip coat hanger — this enables you to see and access both sides of your calendar with ease.

The back of your Calendar details how to track your period, ovulation, energy and more simply and easily - and alongside the moon.

This means you will be able to see what moon phase you are bleeding and ovulating with and what energy this may bring you.

When do I use it?

You can use your Calendar everyday, not only when you're bleeding, but also to track your ovulation, energy levels, moods, intimacy, cervical fluid, and more. The more you use it, the more you receive from it!

What do I receive?

1 x 2024 Moonstruation Calendar — sent in the mail — beautifully wrapped as a beautiful gift for yourself (or a sister or friend)

1 x She is Art poem card

1 x 40 page downloadable colour ebook to guide you step-by-step to connect with your cyclical nature

*Optional extra to join Sally's 2-hour Masterclass 'Mindful Menstruation and Cycle Syncing' on demand.

This is your invitation to reconnect

with your true nature
with your feminine nature
with your innate cyclical nature